Scouting at Home

Scouting can take place anywhere-even in the comfort of your own home! Below is a list of resources to help you continue the adventure through 30 day challenges and virtual tours.  

Scouts BSA 30 Day Challenge
Tenderfoot 30 Day Challenge
Second Class 30 Day Challenge
First Class 30 Day Challenge

Venturing 30 Day Challenge (30 day challenge playlist & more)

Visit for more ideas and the latest temporary advancement guidelines during COVID-19.  

Sources for Virtual Tours

To find a virtual tour that can satisfy certain Citizenship in the Nation requirements, make the following searches on Google:

  • "National historic landmark" "virtual tour"
  • "National Register of Historic Places" "virtual tour"

The National Park Service also provides virtual tours 

For a virtual tour of a monument closer to home (the U.S.S. Missouri), contact Matt ( or Neil ( to arrange a tour for your group or organization.

For another local historical landmark, visit Iolani Palace.

You can also find virtual tours to satisfy other advancement requirements (such as for Public Health Merit Badge), simply make an appropriate internet search.