Camp Maluhia


Located on the beautiful island of Maui, is a community treasure and one of the most widely used wilderness facilities within the County. Resting on the island's cool windward slopes and with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, Camp Maluhia has been a favorite destination for generations of Maui's Scouts.

  • Ball Field (can also be used for large group tent camping)
  • Cooks Cabin (sleeps 20 with 2 bathrooms and 2 showers)
  • Fire Bowl (seats 200)
  • Lions Campsite
    • 6 Cabins (sleep 8 in Cabin)
    • 1 Cabin (sleep 20 in Cabin)
    • Lions Pavilion with picnic tables for 50
    • Kitchen with sink and refrigerator (recently renovated)
  • Long House (great room)
  • Pop Hutton Campsite:
    • 2 Cabins (Sleep 20 people, each; sidewalk access with no stairs from dining hall)
    • Cooking Pavilion with BBQ and picnic tables for 20
    • New individual stall bathrooms and showers
  • Rotary Campsite
    • 1 Cabins (sleep 20 people each)
    • Pavilion with picnic tables for 40
    • Bathrooms and shower house

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History of Scouting on Maui

Camp Maluhia was developed in 1937 as a three-way partnership with Alexander House, The Maui County Council-Girl Scouts and the Maui County Council-Boy Scouts of America. It was developed under the concept of community use which is still true today. In 1947 Alexander House went out of active community services and relinquished their interest in the camp. A few years later, the Girl Scouts also relinquished their interest in the camp in favor of constructing their own camp. The original lease from the State of Hawaii was for 250 acres at $100 per year. In 1958 the roughly 18 acre area that made up Camp Maluhia was purchased from the State of Hawaii as fee simple through a State Land Patent. In 1966 the one mile access road to camp was paved and most of the road was re-paved in 2002. 

Camp Maluhia remains a jewel of the Maui County Council. It has a dining hall, sleeping cabins, long-house, swimming pool, and more and can accommodate 200 campers and staff. It is heavily used by schools, churches and other non-profit organizations on Maui throughout the year.