Cub Scout Program Updates Announced

It’s official!  The Cub Scout program will be updated for the 2024-25 program year.  Over the past several years the National Cub Scouting Committee under the leadership of past chair Lisa Wylie and current chair Audrey Oakes has identified four areas to improve the Cub Scout program to ensure that it is fun, simple, and easy.

Over the past five years the National Cub Scouting has been working on these updates.  These updates are based on feedback from over 23,000 parents and Cub Scout leaders through various surveys and data.  Listening to and identify the key opportunities to improve the program the National Cub Scout committee is excited to finally reveal these improvements.  Over the past year these improvements have been socialized to thousands of individuals with overwhelming support.

The changes will take effect officially on June 1, 2024

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There are a lot of details that will be shared in future episodes of Cub Chat Live! Make sure to check out the episodes.  Cub Chat Live! is a weekly Facebook Live show that streams live every Friday at 2 p.m. Central.  Episodes are recorded and are now available as a podcast.

New Cub Scout program handbooks available now

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