2023 National Jamboree

Scouting’s next big adventure is on the way!

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(Dates will be added for travel and touring)

The National Jamboree will only host 15,000 participants in 2023. So, space will be extremely limited and will be very competitive to secure slots. Therefore, we will begin collecting a “hold deposit” of $500. The “hold deposit” is fully refundable – up to March 31, 2022. This will allow the Aloha Council to determine the demand for slots. In 2021, we secured 120 slots – and we were nearly sold out. We will try diligently to secure as many slots as possible, but I assume it won’t be at previous levels. The “hold deposit” applies to both youth and adults.

The cost to attend the National Jamboree in 2023 will be $4,280. This fee is for all Scouts and Adult Leaders. Additionally, we will help scouts fundraise to assist in offsetting the cost.

The Jamboree is open to all qualified youth and adults on a first-come, first-served basis. Adult leaders can apply to be part of the council contingent or as staff at the Jamboree. Contingent leaders will be selected from volunteers that apply for adult leadership roles.


Registering for National Jamboree is a two-step process:

  1. You register with Aloha Council to pay your Jamboree fees.
  2. You apply to the National Jamboree website to attend: jamboree.scouting.org (You do not need to be pre-registered on the National Jamboree website to complete the Council registration).

** You must have/create a my.scouting.org login to access the National registration site.** Tip: When registering a youth participant, you’ll need to sign-in using the youth’s my.scouting account with the youth registrant's BSA Member ID, not the parent's BSA member ID. Note: When registering as a participant, no fees will be collected at the time of registration – registration fees will be collected by your local council.


Qualifications to attend the National Jamboree include:

· All participants must have a current BSA membership.

· All participants must agree to abide by the Scout Oath and Law.

· All participants must adhere to the Jamboree Code of Conduct.

· All participants must have completed at least one long term camping experience prior to the Jamboree.

· All youth participants must have completed the 6th grade or will be at least 12 years old (but who has not yet reached their 18th birthday by 8/1/2023) and a first-class Scout by July 1, 2023.

· All adult participants must be a registered leader

· All participants must have a completed National Jamboree Medical form signed by a licensed physician.

· All participants will be placed in a Jamboree troop.

· All participants will be a member of a patrol within their unit.

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