National Jamboree

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(July 15 - July 29)

The National Jamboree will only host 15,000 participants in 2023. So, space will be extremely limited and will be very competitive to secure slots. Therefore, we will begin collecting a “hold deposit” of $500. The “hold deposit” is fully refundable – up to March 31, 2022. This will allow the Aloha Council to determine the demand for slots. In 2021, we secured 120 slots – and we were nearly sold out. We will try diligently to secure as many slots as possible, but I assume it won’t be at previous levels. The “hold deposit” applies to both youth and adults.

The cost to attend the National Jamboree in 2023 will be $4,280. This fee is for all Scouts and Adult Leaders.

The Jamboree is open to all qualified youth and adults on a first-come, first-served basis. Adult leaders can apply to be part of the council contingent or as staff at the Jamboree. Contingent leaders will be selected from volunteers that apply for adult leadership roles.

This fee covers the following:

  • All transportation to, from, and during the event.
  • Pre-Jamboree training event(s)
  • Insurance
  • Tent

Additional expenses by participants will include any needed uniforms, personal gear, and spending money.

* Jamboree Daypack Late-order - Limited supply

  • Release and Waiver of Liability Tour Forms - DEADLINE MAY 31
  • Jamboree Tour Waiver Form
  • Jamboree Travel Tour - Lunch options
  • National Jamboree River Rafting Experience Signups Closed -  Permission Waiver


Collectible Patch Trading Sets

Patch Trading Basic Dos and Don'ts

Patch Trading at Summit Bechtel Reserve


Qualifications to attend the National Jamboree include:

  • All participants must have a current BSA membership.
  • All participants must agree to abide by the Scout Oath and Law.
  • All participants must adhere to the Jamboree Code of Conduct.
  • All participants must have completed at least one long term camping experience prior to the Jamboree.
  • All participants must have completed the 6th grade or will be at least 12 years old (but who has not yet reached their 18th birthday by 8/1/2023) and a first-class Scout by July 1, 2023.
  •  All adult participants must be a registered leader
  • All participants must have a completed National Jamboree Medical form signed by a licensed physician.
  • All participants will be placed in a Jamboree troop.
  • All participants will be a member of a patrol within their unit.
  1. You register with Aloha Council to pay your Jamboree fees.
  2. You apply to the National Jamboree website to attend: (You do not need to be pre-registered on the National Jamboree website to complete the Council registration). **Early-Bird Pricing Ends October 31st

The registration system will close at midnight Eastern time on April 30, 2023

** You must have/create a login to access the National registration site.** Tip: When registering a youth participant, you’ll need to sign-in using the youth’s my.scouting account with the youth registrant's BSA Member ID, not the parent's BSA member ID. Note: When registering as a participant, no fees will be collected at the time of registration – registration fees will be collected by your local council.

Make sure you’re ready to register by making sure you have the basics covered –

  1. BSA membership must be current.
  2. Member ID number must be linked in the profile of the registrant’s My.Scouting account.
  3. Your current email is in your My.Scouting account.
  4. Check your email after registering to complete your required disclaimers.

Jamboree Registration Troubleshooting

You can send an email with Aloha Council 104, BSA membership #, my.scouting username, and full name to

A deposit of $500 is due with your initial registration. Failure to adhere to the above payment schedule will result in a forfeiture of your participation and reassignment to an alternative participant.

Regular payments of $315 will be due at the end of every month. If paying by credit card, an additional fee of 5% will be assessed on all transactions. PDF

  • Deposit - $500.00 (due at registration)
  • By May 31, 2022- $315.00
  • By June 30, 2022- $315.00
  • By July 31, 2022- $315.00
  • By August 31, 2022- $315.00
  • By September 30, 2022- $315.00
  • By October 31, 2022- $315.00
  • By November 30, 2022- $315.00
  • By December 31, 2022- $315.00
  • By January 31, 2023- $315.00
  • By February 28, 2023- $315.00
  • By March 31, 2023- $315.00
  • By April 30, 2023- $315.00

Refund Policy

If anyone signs up for the 2023 National Jamboree and is unable to attend, a refund will only be issued by the Aloha Council if there is an alternative to go in that person’s place. If an alternative is not able to be found a partial refund will be made. This will include any fees paid to date less any contractual fees submitted on your behalf.

National BSA scholarship information – initial deadline: July 31, 2022 / second deadline: November 6, 2022  PDF

  • **Scholarship applications are exclusively completed via the National Jamboree event registration system.**  The scholarship application is part of the registration process. If you are already registered, please go back to the Jamboree website and go back to the Jamboree registration. Log in to the application with the reservation code. Once you view the application, go to the scholarship section and edit the questions in that field. Make sure to ‘save’ the answers to the questions.

Aloha Council is working on scholarship opportunities – additional information to follow.

Scouts are encouraged to participate in the Council Fundraising campaigns: Camp Cards and Popcorn Sales

  • they will sell thru Jamboree Troop not their home troop.

If you have not already downloaded Section I: Jamboree Risk Advisory or Section II: BSA Annual Health Medical Record (AHMR) you can download these forms using these links Jamboree Risk Advisory Fillable 20220304.pdf , BSA AHMR.pdf

Take Section I and Section II to your Healthcare Provider for completion. Your healthcare provider must complete both sections AND you must submit them through the on-line Jamboree Health History process to be completely registered for the Jamboree.

The AHMR must be dated on or after July 1, 2022. To submit, you will receive an email from the National Office linked to your individual Jamboree Registration ID. If you do not see the email in your inbox, check your spam or junk mail folders (Jamboree Registration

Before you submit your information electronically using the specially provided link, you should have:

  • Section I: Jamboree Risk Advisory page 3 completed and signed by your physician. Your Reservation Code for the Risk Advisory is: provided in the email
  • Section II: BSA Annual Health and Medical History Part C completed and signed by your physician.
  • Both of the above pages saved separately in either PDF or Jpeg format and ready for upload when prompted.
  • If you claim an immunization waiver, please also have that form completed, signed, and ready to upload when prompted. BSA Immunization Exemption Form.pdf


The information provided in the Jamboree Health History will be used by healthcare professionals only. It will be stored on a secure password protected server, which is compliant by HIPAA standards.

The more background information the health team has about an individual, the better they will be able to provide care should that individual become ill or injured.

You will be notified by email that your Jamboree Health History has been accepted.

National Jamboree is Scouting's flagship event. It is a one-of-a-kind gathering of approximately 40,000 Scouts, leaders, and staff that showcases everything that is great about the BSA and its members. Typically held every four years, the Jamboree is an amazing opportunity for participants, volunteers, and visitors to experience the best of Scouting, all in one place. Features include one of the longest zip line courses in North America, a world-class skate park, ATV offerings, treetop canopy tours, rock climbing, patch trading, stadium shows, and much more! It is held at the Summit Bechtel Reserve on over 40,000 acres in the New River Gorge, the permanent home of the National Scout Jamboree and BSA's fourth High Adventure base.

With every Jamboree, the Aloha Council assembles a Jamboree Contingent. The contingent consists of several units, each comprised of youth and adult leaders. Contingents will include male and female ScoutBSA Troops.