News Room

August 11, 2023

Maui Fires Relief Effort

The recent tragedy that has befallen our beautiful island of Maui due to the devastating fires has saddened all of us. The Aloha Council stands in solidarity with the affected families and individuals during this challenging time. It is in times like these that the strength and resilience of our community shine brightest. Many of our Scouting families have lost homes or have been affected by the fires.

We are proud to inform you that the Scouts of the Aloha Council are actively engaged on the ground, offering their unwavering support in the relief efforts. Additionally, we have opened our Camp Maluhia as a shelter for the victims, providing a safe haven and essential resources to those displaced by the fires. The spirit of camaraderie and assistance displayed by our Scouts truly embodies the values of Scouting and underscores our commitment to serving our community in times of need.

If you are interested in supporting our Maui Fire Relief efforts, please use the link provided below. Your support will help us ensure that our Camp Maluhia remains a community asset and a beacon of hope and assistance for visitors and our fellow residents. It will also support our Scouting programs that are in action right now with the relief efforts. The Aloha Council firmly believes that preparation is key to effective response, and Scouting has always embodied the spirit of being prepared to assist in emergencies. By selecting “Maui Fire Relief Effort” your donation will not only be an investment in our Scouting programs but will go directly to our ongoing efforts to assist the people affected by this devastating fire.

Scouts on Maui assisting with the relief efforts being done at Camp Maluhia.