Aloha Council Charter Renewal

On-line rechartering is the best method to help insure that the information you provide is accurate and current. On-line rechartering can be done from the convenience of your home or office. It’s secure and easy-to-use. Information about your Rechartering Process can be found in our Unit Charter Renewal instructions

Charter Renewal Fees

Annual Unit Charter Fee - $40 per unit

Membership fee- $48 per youth/adult (includes $33 National Registration Fee and $15 Aloha Council Insurance Fee)

Boy’s Life- $12 per subscription (optional)

Please Note: All charters should be submitted by the November Roundtable. If for some reason you cannot submit your charter in November, please contact your Unit Commissioner or District Executive to arrange delivery or submit at your local council service center.  All charters must be submitted no later than December 1st. This is necessary to allow enough time for your charter to be processed prior to its expiration on December 31st.  

First Chance Charter Turn In: October Roundtables

Second Chance Charter Turn In: November Roundtables

Charters are Due:  December 1, 2018

Youth Protection

Youth protection training is required for ALL registered adult leaders listed on your recharter. Leaders that need to complete YPT should visit to complete Youth Protection Training prior to rechartering. You will need to review the roster and inform individuals that they will need to take the new Youth Protection Training by October 1st. Direct them to the web site and have them complete the training and give you a copy of the certificate of competition to turn in with your re-charter paperwork.

Important Forms

Disabilities Membership Survey (requested from all units so the GAPS team can help your Scouts!)

2019 Charter Renewal Instructions

Announcement of New Insurance Fee

Unit Charge Authorization (for your unit's account at the Scout Shop)

Charter Renewal Survey (for your feedback on the process)