Aloha Council oversees Scouting in seven districts across the Hawaiian Islands, American Samoa, and Guam. We also manage the Scoutreach Program which provides special leadership and emphasis to urban and rural Scouting programs. Scoutreach is the Aloha Council's commitment to making sure that all young people have an opportunity to join Scouting, regardless of their circumstances, neighborhood, or ethnic background.

Each island has at least one unique district to service Scouting in that area:




Call (808) 595-6366 or email alohacouncilbsa@scouting.org to find a Scout Troop or Cub Scout Pack in your area!


District Contacts

District Executive
Sandra Seau
Phone: (671) 649-0639
Hawaii Island
Jason Ontiveros
District Executive - West Hawaii
Phone: (808) 640-5545
Email: Jason.Ontiveros@Scouting.org
Oahu - Komohana District
Stanton Oishi
District Executive - Oahu
Phone: (808) 380-5432
Email: Stanton.Oishi@Scouting.org
Christi Wetzel
Director of Family Scouting
Phone: (808) 380-5434
Email: Christi.Wetzel@Scouting.org
Oahu - Hikina District
Bonnie Leong
Program Executive
Phone: (808) 380-5433
Email: Bonnie.Leong@Scouting.org
Lokahi Molale
District Executive - Scoutreach
Phone: (808) 380-5431
Email: Lokahi.Molale@Scouting.org

District Resources