The Aloha Council is governed by a volunteer board of directors and supported by staff.

Meet our council's "Key 3" leadership team:

President, Board of Directors Corey Matsuoka

Scout Executive/CEO Blake Parsons

Council Commissioner Dr. Jason Fleming

The top volunteer position is our council president, is selected through a nominating committee process and elected at the Annual Meeting to serve a two-year term.

The president and board hire the Scout Executive, who guides and manages our council employees. The third member of the council “key 3” leadership team is the council commissioner, appointed by the board, who directs the volunteers that work directly with leaders of Scouting units to help them succeed.

To effectively administer Scouting, our council is divided into districts, primarily by geography, and the same council leadership pattern repeats. Each has a district chair, who leads the district committee; a district commissioner, who directs the unit commissioners; and is supported by a district executive, the staff member serving the assigned territory.

Voting members of the council consist of:

  • Representatives of each of the community organizations who sponsor (charter) Scouting groups
  • Volunteers serving as board members
  • Council officers
  • Members-at-large of the council


Aloha Council Executive Board

 Vice President  

  Mr. Colton Ching

  Senior Vice President, Planning & Technology

  Hawaiian Electric

 Immediate Past President

 Mr. Michael Ching

 Office Managing Partner

 Ernst & Young LLP

 Vice President

 Mr. Newton J. Chu

  Attorney at Law

  Torkildson, Katz, Hetherington, Harris & Knorek

Vice President - Programs

Ms. Andrea Eshelman

Deputy Executive Director  



 Dr. Jason Fleming

  Medical Director, Owner & Chief Operating Officer

  Oahu Emergency Physician Services

 Vice President - Legal     

  Mr. Jeffrey Harris

  Attorney at Law

  Torkildson, Katz, Hetherington, Harris & Knorek


  Mr. Dean Hirata  


  'ike Hawaii

  Vice President - Maui     

  Ms. Ellen Loucks


  Walter Vorfeld & Associates

 Vice President - DEI  

  Ms. Yvette Maskrey 

  VP of Corporate Development and Strategy

  Inter-Island Solar Supply


  Mr. Corey Matsuoka

  Executive Vice President

  SSFM International, Inc.  

  Assistant Treasurer       

  Mr. Jason Nagai

  Managing Director




Dr. Neal Atebara


Retina Center of Hawaii

Mr. Robert Borek

Pacific Wealth Management

Mr. Del C. Brown

Mortgage Loan Originator

Hawaii Mortgage Group

Mr. Erich Chen

Hawaii Client Lead


Dr. John Henry Felix



Mr. Dennis Francis

President & Publisher

Honolulu Star-Advertiser/Midweek

Mr. Jeffrey Grimmer

Vice President & Treasurer

First Insurance Company of Hawaii, Ltd.

Mr. Jason Haruki

Senior Vice President

First Hawaiian Bank

Mr. Eric Hashizume

Vice President, Buildings Division

Hawaiian Dredging & Construction

Ms. Anna Hu

Executive Vice President, Chief Credit Officer

Central Pacific Bank

Mr. Blake Isobe


N&K CPA's, Inc.

Mr. Robert Jones


Triple J. Enterprises, Inc.

Charles Kaneshiro

President & COO


Mr. Gabriel Lee

EVP Commercial Markets

American Savings

Dr. Ronald Ling

Retired Optometrist 

Community Volunteer

Mr. Declan McCarthy

Community Volunteer


Mr. Robert S. McEldowney

Community Volunteer


Mr. Ross Murakami



Mr. Matthew Sasaki

Assistant Vice President


Mr. Wesley R. Segawa


Wesley R. Segawa & Associates, Ltd.

Ms. Kimi Takazawa

Marketing and Public Relations Specialist

Pineapple Tweed PR & Marketing

Mr. Jason Thune

Vice President, Fiber Strategy and Deployment

Hawaiian Telcom

Mr. Darryl Wong


Imperial Associates Ltd.

Mr. Daniel Zettle

Vice President & Managing

Director Hawaiian Islands/Alaska

Office Depot/Office Max/HOPACO


Aloha Council Presidents

President Years Served
Corey Matsuoka 2021 - 2023
Mike Ching 2019 - 2020
Gordon Kagawa 2017 - 2018
Barry Taniguchi 2015 - 2016
Arnold Martines 2013 - 2014
Rick Blangiardi 2011 - 2012
Ross Murakami 2009 - 2010
Clark "Skip" Morgan 2007 - 2008
Michael J. Fisch 2005 - 2006
Rodney Shinkawa 2003 - 2004
Ronald K. Migita 2001 - 2002
Clinton Churchill 1999 - 2000
Charles A. Sted 1997 - 1998
Don Carroll 1995 - 1996
John Henry Felix 1993 - 1994
Robert Fujimoto 1991 - 1992
C. Dudley Pratt, Jr. 1989 - 1990
Charles J. Pietsch, Jr. 1987 - 1988
Siegfred Kagawa 1984 - 1986
Fred E. Trotter 1981 - 1983
Edwin L. Carter 1979 - 1980
William W. Paty, Jr. 1977 - 1978
John F. Nielsen 1975 - 1976
James F. Gary 1973 - 1974
Dr. Katsumi Kometani 1969 - 1972
James H. Tabor 1966 - 1968
H. Tucker Gratz 1963 - 1965
Herbert M. Richards 1961 - 1962
George Q. Cannon 1956 - 1960
Morley L. Theaker 1954 - 1955
Stephen A. Derby 1951 - 1953
C. Dudley Pratt 1947 - 1950
Wade Warren Thayer 1943 - 1946
Rolla K. Thomas 1940 - 1942
George H. Angus 1933 - 1939
Walter F. Dillingham 1923 - 1932
George R. Carter 1921 - 1922
Edward M. Ehrhorn 1920
George P. Denison 1919
Sanford B. Dole 1918
James A. Rath 1917
John Guild 1916
George R. Carter 1911 - 1916