Please be reminded that every island has a different payment due date for Popcorn order.

You can refer to your Popcorn Unit Guidebook. Please contact your District Kernels/Executive for any questions.

Further assistance can also be requested to Fundraising Assistant, Jamie Duffield at Jamie.Duffield@Scouting.org

2021 Annual Popcorn Campaign

Aloha everyone, it’s another Popcorn Season. I would like to introduce Trail’s End, who will be our popcorn distributor for Popcorn Sale this year. Trail’s End Staffs and Council Staffs will try our best to assist everyone with this new change however you need us to.

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Fill-It-Up Contest

Fill up all 15 rows of your take-order sheet, and enter our weekly raffle! Runs 6 weeks, unlimited entries!


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Popcorn Resources:

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