Wood Badge

Every Youth Deserves a Trained Leader

The purpose of Wood Badge is to develop skilled leaders who can strengthen Scouting units in achieving the mission of the Boy Scouts of America, which is "to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law".

Wood Badge is advanced leadership training designed to help Scout leaders reach their full potential and to improve the quality of their units. It is for all Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing volunteers including top and assistant leaders and committee members. Even if you are a brand new Scouter with no experience, this course is for you. Wood Badge is a nationally developed course curriculum delivered locally by Aloha Council Scouters through five days of instruction spread over two weekends.

Become the kind of leader that our youth will remember... ALL THEIR LIVES
Join us and experience Wood Badge yourself!

About Wood Badge

Many previous participants describe Wood Badge as one of the most enjoyable and meaningful scouting experiences of their lives.  Many Scouters consider Wood Badge to be a peak experience in their Scouting lives. It has served as a source of training and inspiration to many thousands. In return, Wood Badge participants have positively affected the lives of millions of Scouts.

Wood Badge training is available only to registered adult (at least 18) members of the Boy Scouts of America. All participants must have completed the Basic Training for their primary Scouting position. Basic Training generally consists of:

  • Youth Protection
  • Fast Start Training
  • New Leader Essentials
  • Position Specific Training, and for some,
  • Outdoor Leadership Skills training

What is Wood Badge?

In 1911, Baden-Powell took the first steps in training Scouting’s adult leaders by organizing a series of lectures. The first Wood Badge training session was held in 1929. Since then, Wood Badge training has continued to evolve in order to meet Scouting’s needs. Wood Badge focuses on preparing adults to deliver the mission of Scouting. 

  • Scouting's premier training program for all adult leaders.
  • Leadership training, applicable to all scouting positions
  • A tool for improving all scouting programs, including yours.

Topics include Managing Conflict, Communicating, Listening to Learn, Valuing People and Leveraging Diversity, Stages of Team Development, team and individual leadership, Coaching and Mentoring, Project Planning and much, much more.

You go to Wood Badge to improve your leadership of small groups, and your understanding of how teams develop. The heart of Wood Badge is small group leadership. It is great fun too. This training is not only for Scouting. It also helps people at work, in church, with other groups, and in families.

     At Wood Badge training, you will:

  • Acquire contemporary leadership concepts and discover how these apply to our values-based program!
  • Understand Scouting as a family of interrelated, value-based programs providing age appropriate activities for youth!
  • Revitalize your commitment to Scouting by sharing in an inspirational experience

How is Wood Badge Presented?

Wood Badge consists of two phases. The first phase is the practical phase, which consists of two weekends at camp. You will live and work through the life as a youth in the BSA program. The second phase occurs after the course and consists of “working your ticket.”

What is a Ticket?

The Wood Badge “Ticket” represents your commitment to complete a set of goals related to your position in Scouting. The ticket gives you an opportunity to practice and demonstrate a working knowledge of the leadership skills presented during the course.

You will complete your ticket no later than 18 months after the course.